Unique European Hotel in Winter

    European ice hotel
    European ice hotel

    Unique European Hotel in Winter

    There are so many luxurious hotels available in the world, where almost every tourist’s desire to spend at least one night. Even though there are some hotels in the same world that are not luxurious but still there only one-night stay can also become forever memorable for tourists. These are constructed only for the winter season.

    Ice Hotel: Ukraine, Sweden

    According to Deutsche Welle, the Ice Hotel, a small hotel which is located in the small village of Sweden. The hotel is made of ice, and for the past Twenty Five years, it has been using water from a nearby river to create ice. Artist puts a new look to the hotel and rooms for guests every year. Everything in the hotel melts in April. And then again it is based on winter.

    Arctic Treehouse Hotel

    There are many hotels to tourists in the city, but the Arctic Treehouse Hotel looks very different. The specialty of this hotel is, it is the best place to see ‘Arora Bulliras’ of the north.

    Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Alta Norway

    The population is less on the northern belt of Norway. There is also a village of Alta. An ice hotel is built on the entrance of the city every year. This hotel is also considered to be the best place to see ‘Arora Bulliras’.

    Hotel Arctic, Denmark

    Greenland is geographically located in North America but it is a part of Denmark. The reason why the four Star Hotel is located at the nearest Arctic Circle in the north of Denmark. From this place, guests can also see the ‘Ilulissat Icefjord’ which is the world’s cultural heritage. There are also five igloos to see glaciers.

    Igloo Village, Zermatt Switzerland

    Igloo Village is located on the top of 2700 meters above, Even in the igloo, sometimes the temperature decrees to the minus, but the warm water pool proves a unique experience in that situation.

    Ski Resort Les Arcs 1950, France

    The Les Arcs is a fantastic ski resort located in French Alps, which is opposite of the hill called Mont Blanc. There are well-equipped luxury apartments and the restaurant also has a very high standard.

    Zolring Huf Germany

    In the cold season of Germany’s northern areas like sleet, This Five Star hotel offers a great opportunity to enjoy tourists in the winter.

    War on Komodo Island, Indonesia


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