Turkey’s Historic Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

    Grand Bazaar
    Grand Bazaar

    Turkey’s Historic Grand Bazaar in Istanbul

    Turkey’s Historic Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is counted in the world’s oldest markets. In 1455, its foundation was placed at the time of Ottoman Empire. Grand market has sixty one streets and hundreds of shops.

     sixty one streets, three thousand shops:

    The specialty of this historic market is that it contains more than three thousand shop, is that under the same roof are available to buy all kinds of items.

    Businesses for centuries:

    Here, the shops coming out of the centuries of preparing beautiful lamps with leather and silk costumes, shoe makers, skirts, dresses, watches, appliances, music, and glasses, make the market’s historical status proof.

    Earthquake damage:

    Turkey’s Historic Grand Bazaar in Istanbul had to face defeat during a period of time after its establishment. The earthquake in the sixteenth century badly damaged the market. But the organizers have largely retained it in their original form.

    Three Hundred Thousand  buyers daily:

    According to an estimated Three Hundred Thousand people daily visit the Turkey’s Historic Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. In addition to this, the number of foreign tourists is also numbered.

    Light lamps:

    The shops of beautiful designer and beautifully decorated light lamps with luminous lamps shops are make this market more beautiful.

    Turkey’s traditional items:

    Buyers at the market come to buy Turkey’s gifts, especially. They contain different kinds of sweets.

    Happy Shopkeeper:

    Another specialty of this market is to deal with the customers in different languages. Smiling on face in the market, shopkeepers talks to customers in English, Arabic, German, Urdu and Hindi languages.

    Women’s Wallet:

    There are also no shortages of shops in women’s wallets and handbags. Here we find fabulous bags from original and artificial leather and local designs. Also, copies of leading international brands are also available.

    Gold jewelry:

    There are also many shops in the Grand Bazaar for the fascination of the taste of men and women of gold jewelry and golden stone.


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