Top 10 Places you should visit in Pakistan


    Top 10 Places you should visit in Pakistan

    Pakistan’s perception spread in the world that is terrorism, load shedding and target killing but on the other hand we can not deny the importance of nature and beauty of nature in Pakistan. Pakistan is a country which is situated in Asia.

    Pakistan is fulfill of nature reserves like 2nd highest mountain K2, cold desert, forest of changa manga, and much more are found in Pakistan.

    Today we are going to discuss the top 10 places of Pakistan  which you should visit once in your life.

    1. Murree:

    Murree is a best place to see nature. It’s located in Pir Panjal Range which is at a distance of 60km from Northeast Islamabad. Murree is a queen of mountain that’s why it’s name is Malka-e-kohsar. Murree is a place where you feel everything natural.

    1. Chitral:

    Chitral is place of lakes, and spectacular sceneries and pleasent weather which is a key of eye attraction.It is located in the province of kheyber pakhtoonkhwa which is northern areas of Pakistan.

    There is like heaven on earth.

    1. Kalash Valley:

    Kafirstan is the second name of kalash valley which is situated in North of Pakistan, Chitral, Kheyber pakhtoonkhwa. it is blessed with fertile land and almost all type of fruit is available on its soil. It has green sceneries and amazing view of mountains just it’s look like a paradise on earth. Hills which are in kalash valley could be seen everywhere in kalash valley.

    1. Kaghan Valley:

    Kaghan Valley which is also situated in Northern Areas of Pakistan, Kheber Pakhtoonkhua. This valley is different from other according to his beauty, If we called this valley as a beat of a heart will not be wrong. The area of this valley extends 155 km and in this Valley there are lots of snowy mountains. The best time to visit this valley is during the summer season, Because In Winter, the glaciers blocks the roads leading to Kaghan Valley and these glaciers melts during February to April. Karakorum Highway is way to discover these beautiful valleys. According to people who live there that the 8th wonder of world is Karakorum Highway.

    1. Arang Kel:

    Arang Kel is situated in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan. Arang Kel is a lush green village. You can reach this place after a two-hour hike from the Village Kel, Approximately it is 1400 foot climb from the Neelum river. It can be accessible by LiftChair which is administered by Pakistan Army.


    1. Lulusar:

    Lulusar is located near the Kaghan valley, Kashmir, Pakistan. The lake which is located in Lulusar is one of the beautiful lake of Pakistan and the eye attracting snowy group of mountain, these mountain never melt his snow in all seasons that’s why it’s look same in all seasons. The surface of this area is like a mirror which reflects the great mountains.

    1. Payee Meadows:

    The full name of Payee Meadows is Siri Payee Meadows which are located in Kaghan Valley near shogran, Kheyber pakhtoonkhua, Pakistan. Which is most beautiful place of Pakistan. Payee Meadows are on the distance of 6km from Shogran. You can reach this beautiful place by Horse ride, Hike or Jeep ride.

    In the center of Payee Meadow there is a famous Lake. The best season to visit this place is winter when the surrounding mountains covered with the snow.

    1. Ushu Forest:

    Usho Forest is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, Northern Areas of Pakistan. It’s just 8km from Kalam Valley, Ushu is famous for his Smokey and rainy forest.

    1. Kalam:

    Kalam is located at a distance of 270km from Islamabad which is the capital of Pakistan. Kalam is famous for his beautiful Lakes, waterfalls and green hills. This place is totally natural and it’s too famous destination for tourist.

    1. Skardu:

    Skardu is one of the beautiful place of Pakistan and it’s located Gilgit-Baltistan basically it is a city of Gilgit-Baltistan. It is a best and famous for local and international climbers. On the north side of skardu the korakaram Mountains are situated that also so beautiful.


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