Swat Valley Pakistan

    Sawat Valley

    The beautiful valley of Swat, alongside It’s thundering waterways, cascades, wandering streams, ice sheet bolstered lakes, pine timberland, elevated glades, snow secured pinnacles of Mankial and Flaksair, organic product loaded plantations, lush green fields, bloom filled mountain slants is otherwise called Switzerland of East.

    Swat is without uncertainty one of the most beautiful vacationer goal in the northern valleys of Pakistan. Saidu Sharif is the capital of swat. The rise ranges from 991 meters (3,300 feet) above ocean level at Saidu Sharif to the top its most astounding mountain Flaksair which is 6,257 meters (20,528 feet) high.

    The primary places of interest in swat valley are:

    Saidu Sharif and Mingora

    At 990 meters above ocean level, Mingora and Saidu Sharif are twin-towns met into one another. Mingora is the greatest market town in Swat while Saidu Sharif, toward the South is the regulatory capital of Swat. The bazaars of Mingora are captivating and worth investigating for hand woven woolen shawls, coats, tops, wooden crafted works, old silver gems, old floor coverings, semi-valuable stones, Swat weaved fabrics, dry natural products, honey and Imported electronic things.

    Malam Jabba

    Malam Jabba is one of the most well known slope resort, created as a ski resort with the office of a chairlift. Guests come up here on outing trip from Mingora to appreciate the beautiful scene of the mountain tops, lush green fields and thick pine timberland.


    At a separation on around 29 km from Mingora, Khawazakhela is the second biggest business focus after Mingora. The primary bazaar merits investigating for old silver adornments, weaved textures, semi-valuable stones and antiquated coins and old-fashioned seats, beds chests of cut wood Shangla Pass.


    Miandam is a pleasant place of interest at a rise of 1,800 meters (5,900 feet) from ocean level. Encompassed by the terraced fields, organic product plantations and lush green mountain slants this spot is wonderfully cooler in summer. Miandam is great spot for walkers and explorers. Two strolling trails keep running along the streams up north-east. Separation of Miandam from Mingora is 56 kilometers.


    At Kalam, the valley opens out into a prolific level. This spot includes thick pine woodlands, elevated glades, completely clear lakes, cool mountain streams and snow secured mountains all at one spot. At Kalam the Ushu and Utrot streams join to shape the Swat River. Both of these streams are likewise well-known as exceeding expectations angling comes to. From Kalam one gets a stunning perspective on the snow-topped pinnacle of Flaksair.
    In transit to Kalam one can likewise have great perspective on the pinnacle of Mankial from the town of Kulalai. Mankial is the second most noteworthy pinnacle of Swat Valley. Toward the north of Kalam there are a few beautiful valleys, a significant number of them thickly forested, cascades, ice sheets, lakes and knolls which are available by jeep.

     Utrot and Gabral

    Utrot is a beguiling town. It is an absolutely un-spoilt spot with amazing strolling and angling openings. There are number of excursion spots along the waterway. This piece of valley is additionally called the Lake District of Swat as a result of its number of beautiful snow capped lakes.

    A jeep street, 4 km towards southwest takes you to Liddu, from where it is 3hours approach the beautiful Kundol Lake. From Kundol one can likewise make an endeavor to ascend the mountain edge on the west to achieve a pleasant icy mass sustained lake which is known as Khapero Dund. The precarious trek to this lake is strenuous. From Liddu, another trail going towards southeast prompts Spinkhor Lake. From Liddu one can scale straightforwardly to the high fields of Dessan. This region is the most beautiful piece of upper Swat with lush green fields dabbed with brilliant wild blossoms.

    From Upper Dessan one can reach Godur. From Utrot, a jeep street runs 8 km northwest to Gabral town which is a lush green excursion spot along the waterway. From Gabral, the jeep street proceeds with another 20 km towards north to Kharkhari Lake. From Utrot a 13 km strolling trail go towards Izmis Lake. The name Izmis means collapses Kohistani and as the lake is encompassed by a few normal gives in, the general population has named the lake after these caverns.

    Ushu Valley

    Ushu Valley comprises probably the most beautiful pieces of Swat. The separation of Ushu from Kalam is 8 km. This valley offer eminent perspectives on snow secured Mount Flaksair. Matiltan is next primary town around there. Past the town of Matiltan the jeep street goes to the most renowned lake of this territory Mahodand Lake. This superb lake is arranged at a separation of 35 km structure Kalam and 27 km from Ushu.

    Mahodand implies lake loaded with fish and it is actually a decent spot for trout angling. It is a prevalent excursion spot and numerous sightseers from Kalam come here consistently during summer occasions. From Mahodand Lake one can go on a difficult trekking campaign to Laspur in upper Chitral Valley by means of Kachikani Pass or to Handrap in Ghizar Valley of Gilgit-Baltistan by means of Dadarilli Pass.


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