Neelum Valley Azad Kashmir

    Neelum Valley
    Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir

    Characteristic beauty is un-coordinated. Pakistan has world most magnificent places to visit, specially completing it on northern zones of Pakistan and Kashmir district. This piece of the nation is well-known all around the globe in view of out of this world mountains, lavish green valleys, powerful streams, delightful lakes, and astounding natural life. The Paradise on Earth ‘Neelum Valley’ Mini Switzerland ‘Swat Valley’ and Mountain Kingdom ‘Hunza valley’ are the real vacation destination in Pakistan. All these places are genuine regular beauty of the world. You won’t found such wonderful places all over the world.

    Neelum valley is one of the most wonderful valleys in Pakistan. Neelun valley is a valley of wellsprings, springs, waterfalls, blossoming trees and plants. The Neelum Valley is long bow-molded with great pine, fir and deodar trees, lies at the North and North-East of Muzaffarabad. This kingdom of vegetation is separated by the indigo blue Neelum River which streams serpentine down slopes to consolidate itself into the waterway Jhelum at Domail. Domail, the juncture of two strong waterways, introduces profoundly intriguing scene of young grasp. This heart-cautioning scene is most mitigating to the eye. The valley, beginning from Muzaffarabad, the capital of Azad Kashmir, is around 150 miles in length. It lies on the two sides of the waterway Neelum.

    The geological highlights improve the characteristic beauty of the Valley. Its rise, an insignificant 2,000 feet and gradually ascends till it accomplishes a decent tallness of 8,000 feet. On the two sides there are high mountains and pinnacles. Almost all the woods abundance of Azad Kashmir is to be found in this piece of the State. There are two ways to deal with the valley. One is from the Kaghan Valley which is connected with it at two points, the Nuri Nari Hali (Pass) and the Ratti Gali and numerous minor Passes. From Dawarian it takes two days for climbing or riding and night remain at Dharian at 12,000 feet.

    It is a separation of 55 miles which are jeep-able in reasonable climate. The Neelum meets the Jhelum stream at Domali (meeting of the two) on the edges of Muzaffarabad city. From Paticka backwoods one ranges Nosari, 24 miles in front of Muzaffarabad. Next come Chaliana (tallness 3,200 feet), Qazi Nag, Barian, Salkhela, Kundal Shahi, Athmaqam on this street. The woodland riches possess large amounts of the Neelum Valley. Deodar, pine, fir, wild pecan, strawberry and hosts of other high stature trees and different kinds of wild development and herbs are the fortune of the valley. Among its specialties, is the dark colored rainbow trout which is rare somewhere else.

    Going through the Lesser Himalaya, the Neelum valley has fantastic grand beauty, all encompassing perspectives; transcending slopes on the two sides of the uproarious Neelum water way, rich green woods, captivating streams and alluring environment, make the valley a blessing from heaven.

    Neelum valley is one of the most appealing places for travelers. A bit of its well-known places that can be visited are:

    1. Athmuqam
    2. KuttonJagran
    3. Karen
    4. Neelum
    5. Ratti Galli
    6. Noori top
    7. Sharda
    8. Sharda Fort
    9. ShardaUniversity
    10. ArrangKel
    11. Surgon
    12. Halmet
    13. Taobutand some

    As you wind through, nature displays a colorful, new scene after each turn. There are adequate rivulets and small streams for guests to settle upon or chill their motors. Spears of unfiltered daylight pierce the lavish green each dawn and nightfall. This is nature taking care of business and sure to leave one confused. Masses of mists hang low and buoy through the green coverings, giving the scene a practically mysterious intrigue. The more profound you meander, the prettier it gets. The temperature drop is conversely extent to the remoteness of where you are nevertheless makes for a novel encounter. From the sweltering temperatures close Muzaffarabad, where the valley starts, to its end at Kel, one gets the opportunity to feel all the highs and lows of the climate not withstanding during pinnacle summer.


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