Islamabad Tourism Places

    Islamabad Tourism Places

    Islamabad’s striking views, fruitful nurseries and ample parks, guarantee its occupants and guests are never a long way from the nature. Climbing, Biking, Boat rides, Bird Watching, Hill climbing, morning/evening strolls are a portion of the choices to find Islamabad’s inclination getting it done that would offer you an encounter to value until the end of time. Regardless of whether you go for a stroll, or bicycle along the foothill of Margalla Hills, or drive around the city, you will without a doubt be enchanted by the common excellence of Islamabad.

    The regular excellence of Islamabad can be characterized in three distinct parts:

    1. Parks
    2. Hills
    3. Hiking trails


    Fatima Jinnah Park:

    Islamabad is home to numerous magnificent parks and gardens offering a cool break from unexceptional and furor of life. One such excellent park is Fatima Jinnah Park, arranged in F-9 part of Islamabad, which is named after Fatima Jinnah, the sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Pakistan’s author). One of the biggest gardens on Pakistan that is spread more than 700 sections of land is maybe the best kept park in the nation. The recreational Park is secured by lavish greenery, magnificent trees, just as a couple of wonderful milestone structures.

    The magnificence, tidiness and area make it one of the most visited parks as well. Some visit for normal running or exercise, though others like to go for a joyful walk while the children appreciate slides, swings, cricket and football.


    Lake View Park:

    Visiting Lake View Park can be an entire day of fun and stunning knowledge for the entire family. The park offers a superb drifting, angling, and playing opportunity and furthermore extraordinary campground, cookout territories for the guests. Train rides are additionally accessible for people who need to appreciate the magnificence of the park without getting excessively worn out. The park highlights excursion focuses, winged animal aviary, sitting pagoda, celebration field, traveler road train, drifting (both oar pontoons and rowboats) and angling territory, pool, ibex club, shake climbing exercise center, and engine sports farm.

    A roomy stroll in fledgling aviary is an ongoing magnificent expansion to the Lake View Park. The perch room is a charming spot for families and children to go for a stroll among the excellent winged creatures and respect their excellence.


    Islamabad ZOO and Children’s Park

    Situated at the Daman-e-Koh, the city’s zoo is a recreational region and a natural life asylum. Spread over a region of 82-section of land (33 ha) of zone, the zoo initially opened in 1978 as an asylum for panthers, spotted deer, and Indian gazelle. A park hardened Japanese Park (blessing to Pakistani kids from the offspring of Japan) has additionally been set up close to the Zoo which makes the visit to zoo twofold delight for children.



    Reviving background, dazzling perspectives, and great nourishment – Daman-e-Koh offers its everything to its guests. The wonderful hill point called Daman-e-Koh is a combination of two words, Daman (which means Center) and Koh (which means Hill) which appropriately clarifies the hill area which is amidst the Margalla hill.

    Daman-e-Koh – about 2400ft from ocean level and practically 500ft from the city of Islamabad – is a midpoint for explorers on their way to the higher view point Pir Sohawa that is situated over Margalla Hills at a height of about 3600ft.

    This lovely hill top nursery and perspective is one of the most visited and famous goal for vacationers just as inhabitants of Islamabad. Daman-e-Koh offers marvelous all encompassing perspectives on the city extraordinarily the recently built Seventh Avenue, the Faisal Mosque, Rawal Lake and Centaurus building.


    Rose and Jasmine Garden

    Well known for its bewitching roses, the Rose and Jasmine Park is one of the ideal spot for family picnics, reunions, outdoors, and furthermore has an extraordinary play zone for children. The nursery is home to somewhere in the range of 250 assortments of roses just as twelve sorts of Jasmines. Occasional bloom shows are a customary component of Rose and Jasmine Garden.



    Shakarparian Hills

    Gotten from two expressions of the Potohari language, Shakar (which means sweet) and Parian from Parao (a spot to rest), the Shakarparian Park includes two perspectives. Terraced greenhouse of Shakarparian offers wonderful all encompassing perspectives on Margalla Hills, Islamabad and Rawalpindi from on. Pakistan Monument and Pakistan Museum is situated on the west perspective of the Hill.

    The east perspective of the Park is one of the most visited outing spots of the city and incorporates a little nursery with an arboretum which is most well known for trees planted by remote heads of state (Kings/Presidents/Prime Ministers). The planting of trees by world pioneers is an image of companionship between the two nations.


    Margallah Hills National Park

    Spread over a zone of around 17,386 hectares (67.13 sq mi), the Margallah Hills National Park is one of the amazing parks of Pakistan. The Park includes the Margallah Range, the Rawal Lake and Shakarparian Sports and Cultural complex. Established in 1980, hill range settles between on rise of 1,604 meters at the eastern end and 685 meters on its west. The stone developments in the Park are assessed to be 40 million years with fossils of marine life recommending that the Margallah Hills were once under the ocean.

    It is evaluated that Margalla Hills are encompassed with around 250 to 300 types of plants and around two third of these are considered as restorative plants. The plant species on Margalla hills have a place with various groups of trees, herbs, bushes, climbers, grasses and grub crops. In the north stand pines, Eucalyptus, Peepal trees (Ficus religiosa), Paper Mulberry and forests of Oak, silver oaks.

    Throughout the years, be that as it may, the hills have lamentably experienced essentially unlawful logging and wood accumulation utilized for cooking and warming purposes. In any case, CDA cases to plant 385000 saplings each spring.

    The winged creatures found here are occupants just as winter vagrants from higher elevations of the North, spring ans summer guest for rearing, and brief day travel species touch base in spring.

    Amazing animals,  fruit bats and a portion of the warm blooded animals are found in the Park.

    Winged creatures: White cheeked bulbul, yellow vented bulbul, Laggar bird of prey, Peregrine bird of prey, Kestrel, Indian sparrow peddle, Himalayan Griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture, Paradise flycatcher, Black partridge, Cheer fowl, Golden oriole, spotted pigeon, Collared dove, Larks, Shrikes, Wheatears and buntings.

    Reptiles: Russell’s snake, Indian cobra, Saw scaled snake and Himalayan pit snake.


    Hiking Trails

    Trail 2 (Zoo trail) –

    Starts from a point close Islamabad  Zoo.  Trail 2 is a decent decision for a 1-2 hour walk. The trails starts a little far up Pir Sohawa or you can begin from the privilege of the passage of the Islamabad Zoo and paves the way to the Daman-e Koh perspective – in the event that you need to keep strolling a trail up to Cactus Ridge leads from beside the Police checkpoint close to the passageway to Daman-e Koh.

    Trail 3 –

    Starts from Margalla Road (F-6/3) . Trail 3 is the most well known and old climbing track of Islamabad. The savoring walk starts from Margalla Road (the crossing point of Margalla Road and Ataturk Avenue). This little steep and dynamic trail goes up to the Viewpoint (takes around 30 – 50 minute) from where you can proceed for another quiet 45-an hour trek to achieve the Pir Sohawa – a soothing spot to unwind, appreciate some incredible nourishment and a staggering perspective.

    Trail 4 –

    This trail is in reality a connection trail between Trails 3 and 5.

    Trail 5 –

    Starts from Margalla Road in F-5 . This advantageous Trail is viewed as a simple ascension, favored by climbers all things considered, even amateurs. A terrific multi year old Banyan tree at the passageway respects the guests to this trail who are later to be charmed by a crisp water stream and melodic trilling of various fowls. These satisfying sights and sounds together with the quiet invigorating vibe of the trail is for sure an inconceivable encounter.

    Trail 6 –

    Starts on posterior of Faisal Mosque . To achieve Trail 6, head to the vehicle parking region of the Faisal Mosque where you can discover sign board to jump on right track. This less voyage trail is otherwise called E7 or Faisal Mosque as it is regularly elusive the trailhead.

    This generally new climbing trail is outfitted with select highlights including a different track for mountain bikers, and a smooth incline for senior residents. Winged animal watching office is likewise a one of a kind component of Trail 6 which makes the track an absolute necessity visit place. The picturesque Trail needs signs or checks which is the reason it is minimal utilized. The trail lead you to Pir Sohawa road (around 20 moment stroll to the Monal eatery) from where one can travel west to the highest point of Trail 5 or head down to the Saidpur town trail or if there should arise an occurrence of weakness just catch a taxi to return to town.

    Saidpur trail – rear of Saidpur Village

    The route to this less drove trail can be found by following the conduit that leads one to the posterior of the town. Saidpur Trail paves the way to the Monal café on Pir Sohawa.

    Bari Imam trail – Near Bari Imam cavern

    This trail offers a gutsy just as religious experience as it starts with steps paving the way to the Brai Imam cavern from where one can go to the Pir Sohawa road, where there are great bistros and lodgings to treat yourself after a long climb. To achieve this trail, drive to Nurpur Shahan (where the tomb of Bari Imam is arranged), at that point head to road intersection and turn left until you go over a little guesthouse.



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