How to rule your mind


    The only thing that can able us to rule the world is rule your mind first. All the successful persons rule their mind by trained their thoughts, and the other world is captured by their thoughts generated by mind. So, the problem that many of us is facing right now is to know How can we rule our mind. Today  I will tell you some mind blowing techniques to rule your mind.

    Before knowing the golden rules for controlling your mind, you should have to know that How our mind works?. Human mind is the most complex machine, for the sake of simplification, it is the source of all of our thoughts and behavior. That is the reason our thoughts going wrong and our behavior impact negative, if our mind is not in our control. Our uncontrolled mind always running away from pain and being attached with pleasure. That’s why our mind choose immediate pleasure which are highly enjoyable but bring wrongs in our life. Our mind get over excited and behave crazily and become made with joy. If we want success in life, we have to control this madness. That is the reason I am working on it and explore  5 basic principle to rule your mind and sharpen your intellectual power.

    Here are some super rules that you can apply to conquer your mind. These rules are simple and basic that train you to rule your mind and then after getting command on your mind you can achieve any success you want.

    1. Avoid Immediate Pleasure

    As I have earlier mentioned that our mind wants pleasure and it goes toward immediate pleasure which is highly enjoyable and easy to get. So, before doing anything you should think deeply of what you are doing and what you are to do?, also you should ask yourself that what will be the result of that action in long term.

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    2. Cultivate correct thoughts

    Now, you need to know what is correct thinking, the thoughts that distract you from your goal is the incorrect or wrong thoughts, while the other is correct. Another question that probably arise in your mind is that How can we cultivate our thoughts correctly?. Most part of our thinking is generating by our reading, listening and watching stuff that we feed in us through our whole days. In result, the more rightly we feed in our mind, the much correct our thinking will be.

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    3. Make good habits

    Good habits really helps anyone in the way of success. For ruling your mind you have to make good habits like reading, helping, encouraging, planting , team managing etc. So, immediately put your good habits in your practical life, instead of advising others. As we do bad practice of advising good suggestion to others instead of implement these good qualities and then inspire others.

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    4. Use Intellect not Mind

    This is the most important point. Mind has no interest in peoples or things, it only seeks pleasure. On the other hand intellect creates difference in between right and wrong. So, use your intellect not your mind. But never try to completely oppose the mind until your intellect is powerful enough. You can develop your intellect by sharpen your understanding and think deeply about the cause. Also the facts and knowledge about the cause and result and reasoning strong your intellect. And all the above points also helps to grow your intellectual power.


    5. Generate Wisdom

    Wisdom is not an natural ability it can be developed by deep understanding the problem and make rational decision. Your decision should only based on facts and reasons, not on your emotions. You can easily rule your mind by achieving highest level of wisdom.


    Finally, you get these five golden rules: Avoid Immediate Pleasure, Cultivate correct thoughts, Make good habits, Use Intellect, and Generate Wisdom. The important advice, I am suppose to mention here is: Never do any effort to control your thoughts, but effort must be in the form of wisdom, the intellect. If your mind is running some thoughts and you want to get rid of it, then bring your intellect into the picture and put these thoughts into your understanding and ask yourself is it beneficial for me or it only gives me immediate pleasure. Take it to the level of conclusion.

      By: Haris Ahmed
    Student of Uok (School of Law)



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