Fairy Meadows Hunza Valley

    Fairy Meadows
    Fairy Meadows Hunza Valley

    Fairy Meadow is a lush green level, numerous individuals have considered it the most delightful place in Pakistan. These lush, green meadows and timberlands lie at the base of Nanga Parbat at the western edge of the Himalayan extend. Fairy Meadows is a serene and loosening up place to appreciate the mountain air and cordiality of the nearby individuals. The name Fairy Meadows is a piece of the legend that Fairies have their paradise on this lush green level. Fairy Meadow offers sublime perspectives on the Nanga Parbat (8125 m) the most astounding mountain in Himalayan scope of Pakistan. The fundamental fascination of this place other than the meadows itself is the perspective on Nanga Parbat Mountain. Sightseers as a rule climb to the base camp of the mountain from Fairy Meadows.

    It is around 540 km drive through Karakorum Highway, from Islamabad to Raikot Bridge (1400 m). Where nearby Jeeps will take you up to the Tatto town, it is one and half hour energizing drive from Raikot Bridge to the last town of Tatto (2900 m). Intersection through the most amazing perspective on Karakorum Highway and River Indus.

    On landing in Tatto town, it begins trekking on simple and basic course to Fairy meadows. It is an incredible encounter to have medium-term in fixed camping side, or in the customarily fabricated wood Huts, which offers eminent perspective on the North substance of the Nanga Parbat. There are a few short strolls on this level, including the entire day outing up to the base camp (3900 m) of Nanga Parbat.

    It is exceptionally simple stroll through the woodland till then the edge of the level call Beyal Camp (3500 m). While the trek from Beyal Camp to base camp is minimal troublesome along the Raikot icy mass. Decent inns and cabins are accessible at the meadows, however you may also camp in the lush destinations. Subsequent to coming to Raikot Bridge one needs to take a one and a half hour jeep ride just to get to the climbing point, now the track turns out to be thin and jeeps aren’t open past it. At that point after an at any rate two and half hour climb straight up the slope you achieve Fairy Meadows.

    The prairie is encompassed by thick snow capped woods. The high stature locale and north-headed inclinations generally include coniferous timberland having Pinus wallichiana, Picea smithiana and Abies pindrow trees, while in the high rise regions with little daylight are birch and willow predominate bushes. The southern inclines are concentrated with juniper and scours, specifically Juniperus excelsa and J. turkesticana. In the low elevations, the significant plant found is Artemisia, with yellow fiery debris, stone oaks and Pinus gerardiana spread among it.

    Among vertebrates, a couple of dark colored bears are found in the area, with their numbers declining, Some musk deer, viewed as an imperiled species, are also present

    Since 2010, numerous new lodgings have been constructed which give rooms at reasonable rates, the sustenance anyway is somewhat costly contrasted with what you get in urban areas however one can’t grumble when meat, heartbeats and potatoes are accessible at this remote place too. Local people have built up a little town at fairy meadows also. Steed riding is also accessible here. The polo coordinates that are composed for voyagers here are a joy to watch. The lush green meadows also fill in as a football or cricket ground for sightseers.

    The place is shut in the winters because of substantial snowfall and is open just in the summers. June-July is the best time to visit this place. The Nanga Parbat base camp is open from Fairy Meadows, and in the event that the visitors wants to visit the base camp, at that point contracting a neighborhood guide would be great alternative. It is in any event an aggregate of a three and a half hour climb contingent upon your degree of wellness.



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