6 Facts about Moon

    Facts about Moon

    Fifty years ago, man had landed for the first time on the moon level. From now on, many interesting and strange facts have emerged.

    1.Moon is shrinking:

    According to NASA, the American space agency. Due to this, its level is being shaped like grapes when it becomes dry. In addition, the inner part of the moon is also in the process of shrinking. In the last millions of years the overall volume of the moon has reduced by 50 meters.

    2.How does the American flag wave on the moon?

    Prostitutional elements believe that the American claim of landing on the Moon is wrong, and on October 1, 1969, Nile Armstrong and Edwin Allender did not walk on the moon, but a sound stage on the moon. It was also said that the US flag was installed. He has shown such a wave as wind blowing, when there is no air in space. NASA says the image was taken to open the vacuum flame.

    3.Weather of Moon:

    The temperature on the moon remains unusually high and low. It can reach 127 degree centigrade or 260 degree Fahrenheit. The temperature at the moon can vary from negative to 153 degree centigrade or negative 243 degrees Fahrenheit.

    4.The tradition of human existence on the Moon:

    It is also an ancient tradition that a person lives on the moon. Some people also see the human face on the moon’s face. This story goes on in Pakistan that an overwhelming yarn on the moon is busy to digging. Every culture rotates the story of a person’s presence on the moon. But the astronomers who have landed on the moon have not got any man there.

    5.Sun eclipse will end up on earth:

    According to scientists, the moon is getting away from the ground at four centimeters per year. After about five hundred and fifty million years, the moon will be so far that the sun eclipse will end up on earth.

    6.Moon Walkers:

    So far more than a dozen people have stepped on the moon. They belong to different fields of life. But one thing is common that they were all Americans. All were white and male.


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