The dangerous island from where people do not return alive

    dangerous island

    Tourists like to travel to the island of different countries in their Holidays and leisure times. But do you know this amazing thing that there are many islands  in the world that can be dangerous for your life. Let’s know about the islands which are dangerous due to many reasons and you should avoid going there. People who go to these islands are not likely to return alive.

    lha da Queimada Grande: Brazil

    An island situated on the Brazilian coast, also known as the island of snakes. This island is very dangerous, a snake was trapped in the island. Then the level of water in the ocean increased, after which the snake population started increasing rapidly. Now millions of extremely dangerous and poisonous snakes are found here. These reasons, government imposed ban to the public on going to the island. Now only scientific research teams are allowed to visit this island.

    Ramree Island: Burma

    The historical background of this island in Burma is not pleasant. During the Second World War, the Japanese defeated the British and tried to escape through the island’s swing. There was a large population of crocodile underwater, where no soldiers could escape. The number of soldiers killed was 400. It was included in the Guinness Book of World Records.

    ​Enewetak Atoll: Marshall Islands

    The island was largely suffering from US chemical weapons experiments. T & T’s 30 megawatts of explosions were carried out during the Cold War. There is a lot of radiation on the island, whereas soil is also very contaminated. All of these factors are a major threat to human life and deaths can cause.

    Reunion Island: Indian Ocean

    This attractive and beautiful island is inhabited from the 17th century. However, it is beautiful as well as extremely dangerous island because its water contains large number of sharks. Out of 17 shark attacks during 2011 and 2015, 7 attacks proved deadliest. More than half the coast in 2013 Swimming and surfing in the area was banned. But now you can swim here but only on your own responsibility.

    North Sentinel Andaman Island: India

    It is a dangerous island in India. The population of the settled tribe on this island does not want to be contacted by the outside world. These people are among the last people who have not adopted the modern civilization yet. They prefer to be alone. And he has set aside a small world separately. This tribe does not tolerate people coming from other places on their island and kills them. That is why the island has become a No Go Area.

    Poveglia Island: Venice, Italy

    It is a small island located in Italy. By a rough estimate, over 100,000 people have died here by the cause of  black pits in 1922. On the same hand, many horrible stories related to this island and people started avoid to going here.




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