Attractive places to visit in Bangkok

    Bangkok wallpaper
    Bangkok wallpaper

    Attractive places to visit in Bangkok

    Bangkok is truly the perfect place to keep you busy. Even if you spend weeks here, you can’t see everything or visit every attraction. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and There are all kinds of facilities, from the shopping malls to temples and from the beautiful sceneries to the Informative Museum. So here we are going to mention some attractive places to visit in Bangkok.

    Jim Thompson’s House

    Jim Thomson House is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangkok and included in Attractive places to visit in Bangkok. Here not only the glimpse of the life of the homeowner can be seen but also the traditional art and architecture of Bangkok. There are also beautiful gardens on the sides. In addition to an attractive pond. Jim Thomson was an American businessman and architect.

    Lumpini Park

    Bangkok’s Lumpini Park is important like New York’s Central Park. It’s a largest public park in Bangkok. A place in Bangkok where you can spend some time for relaxing and avoiding the noise of the city. It is a spacious place where greenery spreads all around your body. Early in the morning the locals come for a walk. An artificial lake has also been created in the park where you can also be enjoyed by boat trips.

    Chatuchak Weekend Market

    When Tourists traveling to other countries they also enjoy shopping there. For this purpose there are numerous shopping malls and markets in Bangkok but the most famous of them is the market called Chatuchak Weekend. Which is a huge market and one of the Bangkok’s most attractive destination. There are over 15,000 stalls for various goods in the market. Two lac. (200,000) people come to the market for shopping or tours daily. The market is open only on Saturdays and Sundays, two days a week. But Jatujak Plaza which is a part of Chatuchak Weekend Market opens daily.

    Chao Phraya River

    It is the heart of Bangkok, which doubles the interest of the city. There is also a ferry service for sailing. In addition there are numerous hotels. It is also a beautiful and quiet place. It is also a way to visit the Bangkok’s great attractions.
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    Khao San Road

    It is a short road, but it is considered one of the most popular roads in the city. It is a fun and friendly environment road. To reach this road you have to travel by bus from Thailand which can be obtained from different parts of the country. There are several stores on the road where different items can be purchased at very cheap prices. This is also a great place for Thai food lover.

    Bangkok National Museum

    There are several museums in Bangkok, but if you want to get information about Thai history and art so be sure to visit the Bangkok National Museum. It is also the largest museum in Southeast Asia. You need a few hours for a full tour of this museum.
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    China Town is also a Bangkok’s most famous tourist destination, also a foodie paradise. After sunset is the best time to enjoy delicious food here. There are several goldsmith shops.




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