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    Have you ever know what kind of Abandoned Places there are in the world?
    There may be several reasons for abandoning buildings and leaving them deserted. These include factors such as wars, political unrest, lack of funds, natural disasters, or the search for a better place. Today there are many such deserted factories, Airports, Hospitals and Homes found in the world where life once appeared with all its adventures and today these places offer a view of ruins that are horrifying to see. Pictures and descriptions of some of the most abandoned places in the world are places in this article. The most interesting thing is if you do not have the time or resources to visit these abandoned buildings. you can easily observe them with the help of Google Earth Street View are secluded places

    Hawthorne Plaza Mall – Abandoned Mall/Theater

    This deserted plaza in the United States consists of 6 blocks and is adjacent to Hawthorne Boulevard – This plaza, built-in 1970, has been deserted since 1990. The building was very popular in terms of shopping and theater. and now it is a part of Abandoned Places.

    Bannack State Park – Abandoned Park

    In fact, it was an area where mining was done. The town is located in Montana and was the regional capital. However, it soon became deserted and made a state park. Now only tourists come here.

    Packard Automotive Plant – Abandoned Factory

    The plant was built in the early 20th century and was one of the world’s most advanced automobile factories. But now its walls are being used for graffiti only.

    Forest Haven Asylum – Abandoned Hospital

    Mental patients and children with disabilities were treated here and it was a great place to be treated. However, after 1960, it had to be closed due to some financial problems. Now the building’s iron is rusted or its The walls are being used for graffiti. And it is one of the most abandoned hospitals in the world.

    Craco, Italy – Abandoned Town

    It is a landmark located in Italy. The University, Palace, and Plaza were also established and it was a densely populated place. But after 1963 people were forced to move to another place and now the place is completely deserted. And this is one of the most abandoned places in the world.

    Michigan Central Station – Abandoned Station

    The Michigan center station has been used for a long time. But today it is a sad example of the economic devastation of this city of cars. The reason is the failure of the auto industry.

    Spreepark, Berlin – Abandoned Park

    The site was built by the Communists in East Berlin in 1969 and remained in use until the Berlin Wall was demolished. The park closed in 2002 because of drug smuggling.

    City Methodist Church – Abandoned Church

    The church, located in Indiana, was very popular in 1926 and served over 2,000 people. However, when the church suffered a financial crisis, people began to abandon it and soon it was completely deserted. The building has become ruined. This is now listed in Abandoned Churches in the world.

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